Pierogi Fest 2020 - Oct 24, 2020

We are pleased to announce that the 6th Annual Pierogi Fest  sponsored by Holy Ghost Orthodox Christian Church will be held on Saturday,  October 24, 2020. at Holy Ghost Social Center and Church grounds located at 55 Starr Street in Phoenixville, PA. 

While it is not possible this year due to the Covid -19 Pandemic to conduct our annual Pierogi Fest in its usual format,  it will take the form of a drive through Frozen Pierogi Sale. The sale will be by PRE-ORDER ONLY, with orders being taken first come, first serve online beginning on  Oct. 1, 2020

We will offer for sale seven of our most popular flavors: 

Potato/Cheese -  $8/dozen 
Sauerkraut -       $9/dozen 
Jalapeno Potato - $8/dozen 
Cheese Steak -    $10/dozen 
Buffalo Chicken - $10/dozen 
Sausage & Pepper- $10/dozen
Pumpkin Pie -       $9/dozen


As of Thursday, Oct 1, 2020 at 2 pm. We have sold out of over 2500 dozen pierogies.  We sincerely thank everyone for your patronage.    



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Download Frozen Pierogi Cooking Instructions (PDF Format)

Over the years, The Pierogi Fest  has become  a community wide event featuring  many different delicious varieties of Pierogies ranging from traditional Potato and cheese filling to  cheese steak, in a festive atmosphere  with  music, beverages and much more. It was founded by the members of Holy Ghost Orthodox Church   as a means of sharing their culture and delicious foods with the  Phoenixville community and beyond.  WE hope  in 2021 to be able to offer it once again in its full glory!

Pierogi Fest Sponsorship Programs

Parishioners, friends and local businesses are cordially invited to become sponsors of our Annual Pierogi Fest. Sponsorship helps ensure that we have a successful Festival. The primary sources of funding for this event are obtained from corporate sponsors, product donations and revenue from pierogi sales.  All proceeds go to fund the various programs sponsored by Holy Ghost  Church, which include cultural, educational and community outreach programs.

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